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Slitting machine equipment of parameters

Time: 2010-09-17

   Slitting machine is a paper material of wide vertical slit device. So, every industry has used the word, we can use to understand the scope. Slitting machine structure is unwinding (unwinding), cited material positioning, slitting slitting, coiling (rolling) etc. equipment. Let's us see slitting machine equipment of parameters.

    Slitting machine equipment of parameters:

    Material: 08AL/Q235/SS400 or other material consistent with GB709-88
    Thickness :0.3-1 .0 mm
    Coil width :200-1300mm
    Coil diameter: φ1200-φ1600mm
    Coil diameter feed roll: φ480-φ520mm (hydraulic open-book machine)
    Weight of the feed volume: ≤ 10.000kg (10 tons)
    Weight of the feed volume: ≤ 10.000kg (10 tons)

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