Kingsun paper packing machine

Printing machine of the historical development

Time: 2010-10-14

  A printing machine, in its classical form, is a standing mechanism, ranging from 5 to 7 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 7 feet tall. Type arranged into pages is placed in a frame to make a forme, which itself is placed onto a flat stone or 'bed'. The type is inked, and the paper is held between a frisket and tympan (two frames covered with paper or parchment). Let's us see printing machine of the historical development.

  A number of medieval products and technological processes had reached a level of maturity which allowed their potential use for printing machine purposes. Gutenberg took up these far-flung strands, combined them into one complete and functioning system, and perfected the printing process through all its stages by adding a number of inventions and innovations of his own.

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