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MHK Automatic hot foil stamping and die cutting machine

Group Hot Foil Stamping Machine
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2018-02-10
MHK Automatic hot stamping and die cutting machine
 The MHK series full-automatic/hotfoil stamping/stripping/creasing die-cutting machines can efficiently completethe 
die cutting and embossing of products,as well as maintaining the highestprecision and product quality. The   MHK 
series full-automatic/hot foilstamping/stripping/creasing die-cutting machines are well equipped and almostcan 
adapt to all die cutting requirements of products.

(1) Adopt nodular castiron-QT500-7, the mainframe wallboard casting by special technology process,thus featuring 

     by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of themainframe wallboard.

(2) AdoptTaiwan-imported intermittent mechanism to ensure that the machine operatesaccurately. Also, the main 

     engine is equipped with overload protection deviceand torque limit clutch,to ensure that when they being impacted 

    by externalforce can stops immediately to reduce the damage to the machine body and teethprecision and reduce 

    the occurrence of failure rate.

(3) The whole machineall uses SKF\NSK imported original bearing.

(4) The whole machineuses original parts imported from France Schneider,Japanese OMRON,  and Japanese 

     Mitsubishi etc. 

(5) Key parts of teethrow are imported from Japan.

(6) Die cutting and hotfoil stamping accuracy reach to ±0.1mm, and the highest speed of machine reaches 


(7) The craft shaft isadopts Germany Ni-Cr-Mo metal steel, with high precision and will neverdeforms.

(8) Use the centerlinepositioning system to realize fast plate changing of worksheet.

(9) Equiped  first-developed pressure servo control device,ensure fast and smooth when they adjusting of die 

     cutting pressure.

(10) Equip withtouch-screen operation interface in both Chinese and English.

(11) All adopt TaiwanAIRTAC pneumatic components to ensure every pneumatic action performsaccurately.

(12) Adopt double-sheetdetector.

(13) The papercollection platform machine is equipped with automatic auxiliary papercollecting mechanism 

       and operate without stopping the machine.

(14) The side gaugeadopts photoelectric system.

(15) Adopt automaticrefueling system.

(16) The oil pumpadopts automatic cooling fan device.

ModelMHK-1050/ MHK-1050CE
Max.paper size1050*750mm
Min.paper size400*360mm
Max die cutting size1040*720mm
Gripper 9-17mm
Size of inside plate frame1080*745mm
Cardboard thickness range80-600 gsm (cardboard)
Less than 4mm (corrugated board)
Die cutting precision+-0.1MM
Max working pressure300T
Max.die cutting speed 7500sheet/hour
Max paper feeding stacking height1600mm include pallet
Max paper collection stacking height1400mm include pallet 
Main motor power11KW
Machine size 7700*4600*2400mm
Machine weight 17Ton
Full-load power 16.9 KW