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Automatic High-speed Film Laminator Machine

Group Thermal Laminator Machine
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Update Time 2018-02-10

SW-1050G Automatic High-speed Film Laminator Machine

1.Automatic feeder : This machine is equipped with a paper pre-stacker, Servo controlled feeder and a photoelectric 

   sensor to ensure that paper is continuously fed into the machine.

2.Side lay regulator :The Servo controller and Side Lay Mechanism guarantees precise paper alignment at all times.

3.Electromagnetic heater: Equipped with advanced electromagnetic heater. Fast pre-heating. Energy saving. 

   Environmental protection.

4.Human-computer interface:A user-friendly interface system with a colour touchscreen simplifies the operation process.

   The operator can easily and automatically control paper sizes, overlapping and machine speeds.

5.High speed separating system :This machine is equipped with a pneumatic separating system, pneumatic perforating 

   device and photoelectrical detector to rapidly separate the paper according to the paper size.

6.Double film shaft :Saving time of film loading and uploading,improving efficiency

7.An-ti curvature device:The machine is equipped with an anti-curl device, which ensures that paper remains flat and 

   smooth during the lamination process.

8.Automatic stacker: Automatic stacker receive the sheets quickly in order without stop the machine as well as 

   counter the sheets.

Max paper size1050*1200mm
Min paper size350*350mm
Paper thickness105-500gsm
Laminating speed0-120 m/min
Gross power25KW
Machine size 9550*2400*1900mm